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Certified Frame Alignment & Repair Near Zionsville, IN

Have you been the unfortunate victim of a collision in Zionsville, IN? Do you need to get in touch with a certified collision repair center near you? Tom Wood Collision Center is the place you'll want to contact. Our certified collision repair center near Zionsville, IN, has everything you need to get your vehicle's frame realigned and repaired, all using certified technicians and genuine OEM parts for any necessary replacement services. All you need to do is visit our website and fill out our online estimate form to get started. Then a service professional will contact you to get your vehicle in and properly quoted for collision damage and handle your insurance company throughout the frame alignment and repair process at Tom Wood Collision Center.

Frame Alignment & Repairs at Tom Wood Collision Center

For several reasons, Tom Wood Collision Center is the collision center of choice for customers in Zionsville, IN. First of all, our repairs and alignment process is second to none. We get you in as soon as possible, which is incredibly important because any frame damage puts your vehicle in an unsafe position. No one should drive a vehicle with existing frame damage or unalignment that leaves its passengers unsafe. Whether you've been in a major accident that is going to require serious repair to rectify warping, bending, or cracking of the frame, or if your vehicle needs minor frame alignment or repair services to fix small dents or bends in the frame. You must schedule service at Tom Wood Collision Center soon. Doing so gives your vehicle the best chance of being repaired; every day you wait makes it much more likely that your vehicle will not be repairable.

Our Stress-Free Collision Repair Process

After you fill out our online estimate form at Tom Wood Collision Center, the ball gets rolling. We'll write an estimate, get approval from you and your insurance company, and a certified technician will then start getting to work on your vehicle. If there ends up being more damage to your vehicle than previously expected, our certified technicians will issue revised estimates to you and your insurance company, and we won't move forward without your approval. Once we've identified all necessary frame and alignment repair costs and they've been approved, we'll work on your vehicle as quickly as possible and keep you posted with updates until your vehicle is ready to be returned to you.

Tom Wood Collision Center Frame Repair

Towing & Rental Services

Getting your vehicle to a collision center can be a challenge - especially if it's inoperable. We offer towing and rental car services at Tom Wood Collision Center near Zionsville, IN so that every customer has access to towing services and alternative transportation for your frame & alignment repair services.

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