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Safety is a Top Priority at Tom Wood Collision Center

Beyond providing quality collision repair services, we are also invested in helping our customers with their vehicle's accident preparation strategy. When an accident occurs, our customers will quickly realize how important it could have been to prepare ahead for this situation. Our customers can be ever-ready for an unfortunate collision by organizing and carrying a car preparation kit featuring an accident checklist. The accident checklist is a roadmap for navigating a post-collision situation and contains all of the best-practice recommendations for staying calm and collecting the necessary information for the upcoming collision repair service.

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Car Preparedness 101

Operating a vehicle on the road today comes with secondary responsibilities, especially when it comes to traffic and passenger safety. Although we never hope for anyone to be involved in a collision, we also know that accidents happen and it is always best to be ready if it does. At Tom Wood Collision Center, we like to remind our customers that making a few preparations in the event of an emergency can turn a huge hassle into a manageable ordeal. We encourage our customers to prepare an accident kit that has everything that's needed in the event of an accident.

Car Accident Preparation Kit

By keeping an accident preparation kit inside their vehicle, our customers can be prepared with all of the important resources necessary to navigate a post-collision scenario ranging from minor to major and everything in between. Accident preparedness begins with the checklist that successfully logs all of the important information to describe what happened, what vehicles were involved and their identifying characteristics, vehicle owner details, witness's contact information, and road diagram for illustrating how the accident occurred.

Insurance Card in Possession

It is always important to carry your insurance card in the event of a collision.

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Checklist Car Accident Indianapolis, IN

Accident Checklist

The accident checklist section includes several boxes to check if these situations occurred including medical help, information exchange, contact information, photos, accident sketch, and a reminder to only discuss the details of the accident with the police and not anyone else.

Accident Sketch

The accident sketch section has a 4-way stop diagram that allows drivers to illustrate how the accident occurred from their perspective. Sketching the accident is an excellent way to capture perspective and to recall the accident accurately later.

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